How we design

1º Know what you need
First, we will try to understand what you want, and for that we will send all kinds of information, photographs of clothes, accessories and accessories, and even other models of shoes, any information that makes us understand what we want. Neither can we neglect both technical and market issues, and we will maintain communication to know to which public the footwear is destined and what type of manufacturing you can contract.

 2º We Design

We have already understood that you want, and now we start to draw, in principle they will be some sketches to understand what you want and finally, and once confirmed by you, we will finish your design

It’s not just a design

Surely you need more: lasts, soles, heels, patterns, etc. With our procedure of exchange of information and first sketches, we will design all the necessary parts for the satisfactory resolution of the final product.


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